How Color Effects Your Photos

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Have you ever noticed the effect that different colors can have on your mood?

When you are surrounded by bright vibrant colors- think when the sun is shining, when you’re on vacation in a tropical places and there are colorful flowers and brightly colored patterns everywhere- your mood naturally elevates.

When you are in a room that is full of neutral and soft colors- like grays, cream, rose pink, sage green, you can feel the calming effect and often it can take away some stress.

The same can be said for the color choices of your clients that you photograph.  Think about the kind of message you want the photographs to portray and help your clients chose clothing that fits with that.

Often the location will dictate the mood of the photograph.

For example, if you are photographing a young family in the park, most likely that will be a happy, playful session.  Therefore, the family would want to chose clothing colors and patterns that fit that happy, joyful mood.  Maybe hot pink, kelly green, royal blue and white?

On the other hand, if you are photographing a newborn with his parents.  This is NOT a time for bright, jarring colors.  Newborns make us think of soft snuggly moments and quiet, sweet and sleepy babies.  It would be best for these parents and the newborn baby to be in soft, natural colors. . . white, cream, light gray, tan, rose pink, etc.

Help your clients pick the best clothing for not just the setting you’ll be photographing them in, but also for the mood you want to portray in your photographs.  You’ll see a big improvement in both the quality of your work AND your clients will feel like the final product is “just what they wanted.”


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